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Discover How A Web Content Analyst
Can Help You Leap Ahead of Your Competition
And Get More Clients For Your Business…

  • Is your website falling behind your competition in your high tech market’s search results? 

  • Do your business-to-business competitors have a stronger hold on your biggest customers? 

  • Are you being left behind in a growing manufacturing market?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re not alone.

With a gazillion websites out on the ‘net these days, it’s getting more difficult to get found. And sadly... the smaller to mid-sized businesses are getting buried deep in the search engines.

So how do YOU compete for more clients?

If your competitors websites are getting found and your site’s NOT… there are some techniques and tips that can help level the playing field.

As business owners, you’re taught to advertise, Advertise, ADVERTISE. But that's not enough sometimes. And besides it's expensive.

So... how can you take advantage of the Internet and get your fair share?

That’s where a web content analyst can help. It’s their job to determine what your site needs to get better visibility, and attract more potential clients.

First off… the web is different...

Each and every one of your potential customers is looking for a solution to help them with THEIR problem.

They are LOOKING for YOU... or I should say… your product or service.

So you need to address that ONE customer's need and show him how you can help.

That's – one-to-one selling. Just the two of you - talking about how to fix his - or her - problem and get them back on track.

If you’re going to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with your competition… then you need to make your site’s #1 objective be… improve the life of your customer!

But that’s not all you have to do...

If you want the two of you to do business together, he has to TRUST you. You do that... by building an on-going relationship.

If he sees you as the AUTHORITY in your field... that adds to your CREDIBILITY.

Do it right and he or she will FIND you.

Do it WRONG and that precious customer will click away from you in a second… without any hesitation. And that’s not good.

Like I said earlier, a web content analyst and web content writer, like me, helps you reach your visitor and build that relationship.

How? By verifying that…

  • Your site’s content on the home page – as well as all the other pages - provides compelling, interesting, and useful information that appeals to your targeted audience.
  • The voice - you use - flows seamlessly throughout the site.
  • Your site  pleases both, the search engines AND… your readers too.
  • The content provides links to other useful sites
  • Navigation is easy for your target audience to use

If your website’s information is...

weaker than your competitor’s in key market areas, then using an internet content analyst helps pinpoint areas like…

  • Relevant, persuasive content in the title pages, headlines, meta tags, and key phrases in strategic areas in your body text.
  • Key phrases that your potential customers use
  • Content that communicates with your customer
  • Appropriate, relevant, inbound links
  • Focused, on-target product or service topics
  • Smooth flow through from one topic to the next

According to Nielsen Research… 84% of global Internet users have shopped online. And according to Internet World Stats, over 77% of
the United States population are internet users.

So if you want people who are looking for YOUR kind of business - to find YOU... make sure your message appeals to your readers AND you're using the right kinds of keyphrases - strategically positioned on your web pages - so that the search engines can find you.

Judy LM of Judy’s Business Blog
Rancho Murieta, CA says...

Target Marketing Strategies’ review as a web content analyst, brought continuity to my website. As an outsider looking in, they asked pertinent questions regarding my site’s purpose.

They provided a detailed report with recommendations – highlighting what was clear, and what wasn’t clear, along with suggestions for changes.

Their attention to detail and evaluation skills played an important role in conveying the right message.

Leap Ahead of Your Competition

To leap ahead of your competition and attract more traffic, you need to analyze your website to make
sure it has...

  • Words and phrases your potential customers use,
  • Compelling and persuasive titles and tags,
  • Focused, targeted, content that's interesting and engaging to your reader
  • And inbound links that are relevant to your business, and so on...

That means making sure your web content GRABS her attention and peaks her interest;
pulling her into your message.

And if you want to get more clients...

than your competition... know what your visitor wants and give it to him or her.

How do you do that?


Pinpoint what your audience needs...  and you can become a valuable resource...

  • Are your clients asking your customer service department the same questions over and over?
  • Have you been asked an interesting question that other people might be wondering about?
  • Has the law or economics changed... affecting your industry, product or service?
  • Are your customers asking the same questions on how to use your products or services?
  • Are there complaints that need clarified or resolved?

Search online for questions readers are asking about your product, service or industry. Keyword question research tools are great place to start.

Not sure where to find them... well, let me help you...

There is a FREE tool  you can use... that lets you see what your prospect wants to know. It’s a keyword question research tool from Wordtracker, and here’s how it works...


A Web content analyst makes sure that the key points of your website’s message get communicated clearly and effectively to your visitor.

And that you can measure that effectiveness  - in a scientific way.

In other words... telling your prospects what you want to say - in a way you want to say it  - and still get the desired result you’re looking for. But how do you do that?


So how does a web content writer know how to create web pages that attract buyers?

By focusing on your reader - connecting with him – deep down.

Finding out what his needs and wants are… and what he wants your product or service to do for him. So how do you do that?


Providing excellent customer service is like the weather -- everybody talks about it, but nobody seems to do anything about it.

The difference between real caring and "acting like you care" is all the difference in the world.  How do you do that?